Cool women in science, in under a minute


Professor Zoe Donaldson sits in her new office in Gold Biosciences at CU-Boulder. This will be her first semester at CU, as a joint hire in the Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience and Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology. She studies prairie voles, a monogamous rodent species, in order to better understand the neural basis of social bond formation. She was drawn to CU-Boulder because of the people. “The people around you are going to have a big impact on how you think.” On her experience as a woman pursuing an academic position, Zoe says she’s been incredibly lucky. “I think many women’s experiences are driven largely by who they interact with on a day to day basis, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some pretty amazing labs and some pretty amazing mentors across all aspects of my career. I think that’s really driven me to reach where I am.”

2 thoughts on “Cool women in science, in under a minute

  1. Rossana says:

    I loved your first post. The picture is clean and what I like the most is that you got the effect of a out of focus background just by using your cell phone!!! I just wonder if you got the picture vertical or horizontal. It does look longer than wider in the post. The photo shows her face looking at us I just wonder if you have another picture not looking at the camera. But I do like her soft smile and her happy look because it tells us that she is proud to have the opportunity to study and work on her research. I also liked the phrases that you transcribe. Overall I think the picture tells a story and it is clear, focus and it serves the purpose of telling us a story. Congrats.


  2. michaelkodas says:

    Nice job on your portrait. The composition is strong and the eye contact with your subject engages the viewer. The light is reasonably effective and not distracting, but it could have been a bit more flattering if it was a little more directional, perhaps coming more strongly from the side. As we discussed in class, I think your subject looks a little uncomfortable. Her hands seems a little tense and her smile is a bit awkward. What could you have done to loosen her up? Pose her a bit to make her posture more relaxed? Had her do some exercises before sitting down? Told a couple jokes? You did a nice job on the caption, which tells the viewer why they should care about Zoe. See D2L for your grade.


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